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Poison Ivy

My seventh and most recent novel is titled Poison Ivy and is about a very nice young woman who does a bit of a nasty thing ...

Don't get me wrong. I wanted to tell you a nice story. But the truth is, life is not like that...

Ivy Brett-Masters has always been a bit of a prankster. But when an act of revenge goes wrong, fashion model Ivy finds herself in a lot of trouble. She might even go to jail.

Poison Ivy is not just a story about that. This is a story about family. About friendship. About loyalty. About HIV. About sexuality. Most of all it is a story about a young woman finding the courage to accept herself.

Poison Ivy is available from Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Smashwords and all other good online retailers ...

Everybody Hates Abigail

My sixth release is titled Everybody Hates Abigail and is a prequel to Being Abigail ...

"I’m lucky. I’m so bloody lucky and full of good fortune that my bum shoots out rainbows, glitter and stars every time I fart. Look out, here she comes, lucky Abigail Vera Carter. Neglected by her mother, abandoned by her rich and famous father and shafted to live with her delusional aunt, criminal uncle and annoying male cousins in a disgusting small town that is suffering a major identity crisis …"

Abigail Carter may be daughter of a chart-topping rock star who is taking the world by storm, but that does not mean that her life is interesting in any way, shape or form. Or that anyone likes her. Insecure, intelligent and very offbeat, Abigail has a little trouble fitting in with the locals in Maripaninga Valley, South Australia’s most boring small town (and home of the giant grapes.) When one of her classmates vanishes in mysterious circumstances, Abigail finds herself caught in the middle of a heartbreaking drama … 

One part comedy, one part drama, Everybody Hates Abigail is the offbeat prequel to Being Abigail and is the first instalment of a new series. Meet Abigail Carter as a 1990s teenager, and prepare to be challenged with a story that most definitely does not follow the rules.

Everybody Hates Abigail is available from Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Smashwords and all good online retailers.

Cats, Scarves and Liars

My fifth novel, Cats, Scarves and Liars, is an offbeat tail tale with a dash of paranormal and urban fantasy in there. It's a little bit different from my other books ...

Meet Peppa Grove. Peppa is just your average Australian young woman, really. 23 years old, widowed and owner of a cat who can speak perfect English. (But no one will believe her about the cat.) Why is she being stalked by one of the customers from her job at the City South Post Office? What secrets does the mysterious Ivory Black know about Peppa and her past? What does he know about the strange murders that are happening all over Adelaide? And was it really necessary of him to steal her boyfriend's scarf?  Cats, Scarves and Liars is a quirky, unlikely tail tale from a unique Australian writer. You'll laugh, you'll cry you'll discover the meaning of life. (Actually, we lied about that last part.)

Cats, Scarves and Liars is available from Amazon, iTunes, Smashwords, Kobo, The Book Depository and most online book retailers.

Behind the Scenes

My fourth novel is a rags to riches tale titled Behind the Scenes. 

Catlin Ryan is determined to escape her dreary life in a beachside caravan park. Abandoned by her alcoholic mother, she dreams of a life on the stage and is prepared to work hard to get it. So when she is offered a starring role on her favourite television series, Catlin does not think twice about taking it. But fame comes with a set of new challenges, long hours, spoiled and demanding colleagues, the paparazzi, some wild parties and Tom, the bitter director who seems to hate her. Then there is the reunion with her father, a brooding retired police officer, who offers her board and lodgings inside a house that is haunted with dark family secrets. Who is Catlin Ryan, really? Why does she keep remembering things that she knows never really happened? Can Catlin reconcile with her past and keep her family secrets out of the tabloids, or is the world destined to know what goes on behind the scenes?

Behind the Scenes is Available to purchase from Amazon and CreateSpace

Best Forgotten

Best Forgotten is a 29, 000 word novella about a deeply introverted young woman named Kellie-Sue who may or may not be responsible for the brutal murder of her ex-boyfriend ...

An intriguing tale of murder, amnesia and the lies we tell ourselves. A young woman wakes in hospital, unable to recall the past eighteen months. Once an awkward, introverted teenager battling Anorexia Nervosa, Kellie-Sue discovers that she has blossomed into a beautiful woman with a loving husband. But what secrets are lurking beneath the surface? Why is Kellie-Sue haunted with memories of the bruised and bloody of her abusive ex-boyfriend lying on the kitchen floor? Is Kellie-Sue capable of murder? Or is the truth best forgotten…

Best Forgotten is a strange, short little tale perfect for when you're looking for something a bit different. Print copies are available from Amazon or direct from Createspace and eBooks are available from all good retailers including iTunes, Smashwords and Kobo

Being Abigail

Being Abigail was my second independently published novel and is based on the characters and some of the events depicted in my other blog, Who Was Abigail Carter.

Okay. This is it. I am going to kill myself ... After a suicide attempt goes hilariously awry Abigail Carter PhD candidate and owner of a gorgeous little kitten named Cedric finds herself stuck with her very own blog. Before long, Abigail finds herself blogging all about her everyday life - phone calls from the future mother-in-law from hell, visiting a murderous aunt in prision, being stalked by her ex-boyfriend turned cop and the reappearance of Chastity MacKenzie, the girl responsible for her expulsion from boarding school many years before. And when Chastity makes a play for Samuel, Abigail's fiance of five years, Abigail realises that it is going to take a lot more than keeping a blog to sort this mess out... Dark and occasionally laugh out loud funny, Being Abigail features a truly unforgettable heroine and a reminder that sometimes the best things in life happen when you're on your way somewhere else.

Being Abigail is available for purchase on AmazonSmashwords, iTunes CreatespaceBarnes and Noble, Book Depository Angus & Robertson BookworldFishpond, Kobo or pretty much everywhere else where good books are sold.

Short Stories

At present, I have three short stories available as free downloads from nearly all major online eBook retailers, including Smashwords, iTunes, Kobo,


An uncomfortable story about sibling rivalry and betrayal. 

Isla is the quiet, submissive twin but that all changes one day when she catches her boyfriend and twin sister in bed together. She flees the small Australian town that she calls home and makes a new life for herself in the city, until tragedy forces her to return home to Verona Beach where she confronts her sister and the ghosts of her past. 

Thoughtfully written and with a number of surprising twists, Twins is a short story from Australian author Kathryn White.

Shopping and Lies

All Abigail wanted to do was a little shopping to take her mind off of the few little white lies that she told her mother-in-law. (Actually, she's just told the biggest lie of her life.) But nothing, it seems, is going to plan today and mayhem ensures when she visits the most intimidating of places, a lingerie shop.

Shopping and Lies is a short story featuring Abigail Cater, the star of Everybody Hates Abigail and Being Abigail.

Of Frogs and Lovers

Sid Sharp is a lonely guy. If only the beautiful Miss Emma Lavender from the post office with whom Sid has secretly been in love with for months, would notice him, he would be a happy man. One busy morning at the post office, a funny kind of fate intervenes for Sid and Emma in this quirky, Roald Dahl inspired frog prince retelling.

Other Books and Anthologies

Lochie's Crush

My first novel was independently published in 2009 and is a sweet little send up of Twilight titled, Lochie's Crush: A Twihard novel. It told the story of a half-vampire called Lochie who lived in a world that was not exactly like, but not exactly unlike that of the world the Twilight novels are set in. Except that in Lochie's world, vampires and werewolves are constantly made to look like brainless, bloodthirsty morons with a preoccupation with puppy love. I have since withdrawn the novel, which may just make the eighteen copies of the novel that actually sold a valuable collectors item one day. 

Frightful Tales For All Hallows Eve

This is a wonderful (and spooky) Hallowe'en themed anthology that I am thrilled to be a part of. 

"Vengeance-seeking ghosts, creatures beneath the stairs, heartache and grief, and the joy of young children’s trick-or-treating exist side-by-side in this drabble collection. Written specifically with a Halloween theme by members of Fiction Writers Group, the stories in this anthology come from authors across the globe, and span a wide variety of genres. Open a page and join us in celebrating Hallowe’en!"

Frightful Tales for All Hallows' Eve is Available from Amazon

Soulmate Conversations

Soulmate Conversations is a collection of author interviews about the concept of Soulmates. I appear in a short interview, in which I speak about what it means to be a women in contemporary Australia who is yet to find a lasting relationship. The interview was completed in 2012 and the book was published in early 2013. My opinions may have changed just a little since then ...

Soulmate Conversations is available on Amazon.

Key Encounters

Key Encounters: An Anthology of South Australian Writing was an anthology of short stories and poetry by a group of creative writing students from Flinders University and published by Wakefield Press in 2002. A short story of mine titled A Chance Meeting appears toward the back. For reasons I have never quite been able to understand, I am credited in the book as Katherine White. To be honest, I don't think my entry is that great but, hey, it was ten years ago, I was still in my teens when the story was submitted for consideration and the whole misspelling of my name means that I can always pretend it was written by someone else. Surprisingly, this one is still available to purchase direct from Wakefield Press for $19.99.